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Ms Jacobs group, a great school group thanking Air Mail Pioneers for using AMP Links for their data.  Please let us know how much you appreciate them.  

Private Jet Charters: You will find a private Jet charter service highly praised.

Business Aviation Directory: Here you will find a business aviation directory of high rank. 

 Lighthouses: Here you will find any and everything related to lighthouses. 

Nostalgic Reflections -- Manufracturer of reproduction parts for antique vechicles. The current site accesses the Spokane Air Derby.

Contract Air Mail (CAM) First Flights -- Site shows the routes assigned by the U.S. Postal Service between US cities --a compiled index from origin to destination cities. 

PilotPortaUSA -- a fine site designed for current active pilots and potential pilots (commercial and non-commercial) who currently fly or desire to fly in the United S

The Early Birds of Aviation, Inc., a fine display of 598 pioneers who flew solo before December 1, 1916, including photos and data.

Supermarine Spitfire -- My aim is to promote this model as widely as possible , the possibility of allowing all to modeling.

Robertson Aircraft Corporation -- photos and information about CAM-2 the airmail route flown by Charles Lindbergh. 

AntiqueAirfield.com  The Antique Airplane Association was first formed in August, 1953.  Its main interest and primary function is to "Keep the Antiques Flying" and provide  aviation history and memories of the important parts members have played in this fascinating subject.   fly-in AntiqueAirfield Fly-in

AirSafe.com -- free reports on how to complain about your airline. 

MapMuse -- the best way to find your favorite brands and interests, all brought together on a single interactive map.

Flight Tracker - Airline flight tracking in real time, airport information, weather and tracking airline flight patterns for aviation professionals and home users.

Golden Age of Aviation - Aviation history from the end of WWI to beginning of WW II with emphasis on Stearman Aircraft.

The most powerful earthquake of our recent history wrought devastation across Southeast Asia on the morning of December 26, 2004. The earthquake with a magnitude of 9.0 struck close to Indonesia and the giant killer waves of unleashed by the earthquake devastated many of the coastal cities in the region.

FlyAdvance.com -- is a flying directory with website links to browse for ballooning, helicopter, pilots, airport, experience flights and image galleries of aviation.  

Directory of Aviation -- is aimed to provide worldwide aviation resources on the web.  Many of relevant aviation used on this site have been created for visitors interest in aviation airports, aircraft, information and resources and more.

War Letters -- Letters from the 1st and 2nd World Wars.

The History of Air Cargo and Airmail by Camille Allaz is a comprehensive book on the subject over a 200-year period in the English language. 

The Ghost Airfields of Indiana Project - Ten early air mail strip maps. Two cover Indiana;  the rest cover the mid south and Texas areas from Atlanta to Birmingham into Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico.  One goes Belleville, IL to Kansas City.

DirectoryScience.com - The Comprehensive Science Directory. The online Science directory designed to help its users find the online science source, companies, products, services, and information.

Aero Collection Show  This is a fantastic public demo site,  which there is six aero stuffs categories as stamps, post cards, envelopes, tin toys, pilot gadgets, plane Instruments and airline items. 

SEREBELLA -- history buffs pay attention.  You don't want to overlook this website.  It features well-documented articles related to science, technology, aerospace, aeronautics and history. 

Bits of Aviation History -- great new site of aviation history articles from past 85 years.  Don't miss this one.

Fly Magic The Aviation Voucher Specialists -- site passes on a passion for flying with a wider audience.  Can book balloon, microlight, glider and aerobatic flights. 

 Alice Marks Remembers the Air Mail -- a fine site describing Allice Eakle Mark's memories of her father Paul V. Eakle's emergency air field for the U.S. Air Mail Service in northern Illinois.  Great photos of restored beacon donated to Marks project.

Aircraft Business Portal -- an aircraft web directory, complete enough to include Air Mail Pioneers.

Education on the Internet -- an amazing site with o

ver 134,370 links to education-related websites. 

Numidia Airport -- historical information about Numidia Airport and airmail in general. 

"Killroy Was Here" -- a fascinating site of unknown personal stories from WWII and Korean War.

 Metropolitan Air Post Society -- a non-profit association of aerophilatelists.  The emphasis is air post history, and the development of aviation, airlines and air mail services.  Also collects cover of air mail and aviation events.

AIAA Wright Flyer Project -- Honoring the Wright Brothers by researching, building, and flying a modern representation of the 1903 Wright Flyer.  -

Charles A. LaJotte -- An aviator/pilot during flight's golden age.

Air-Navy website --The purpose of this site is the increasing and diffusion of the Naval Aviation knowledge by assembling every available information in one convenient location. This is not limited to only the United States Naval Aviation. The site is not a part or affiliated with any official military forces.

Koolhoven Aeroplanes Foundation - preserves the work of the Dutch
airplane constructor Frederick Koolhoven (1886-1946).

Women in Aviation -  Over 493 educational, historical, and networking resources to empower women in all aspects of aviation.

 Erik's Place - Historic airmail and picture collection for sale.

Holcomb's Aerodrome, a first class collection of photos related to Pioneer Era, Great War and Golden Age aircraft. 

Flight-History.com  dedicated to capturing aviation history. The archives feature a growing collection of photographs, stories and aircraft specifications.

NewksArt.com - Aviation art website containing fine representations of various phases of aviation, including airmail, by Mike Newcomer.

American Air Mail Society - The world's largest and 2nd oldest aerophilatelic society.  Publishers of the American Air Mail Catalogue and many other aerophilatelic books.  The Society publishes the monthly Airpost Journal and provides many services for aerophilatelists.  

Aerophil - Aerophilatelic & commercial aviation books, air mail covers & air crash covers (world's largest stock).

AviationLinker.com the fast aviation directory.

AEROFILES presents links with the non-commercial sites created and supported by persons whose principal goal is to freely share their knowledge of aeronautica with others.

Log Book Magazine
is a quarterly magazine covering the entire spectrum of aviation history, from the first flight to just yesterday.

Glenn H. Curtiss: The Henry Ford of Aviation -- an intriguing site detailing life of Curtiss with biography, photos and memorabilia.

The Military Advisor contains over a thousand aviation, law enforcement and military links. 

Aviation Hall of Fame, Inc.  Dedicated to honoring America's aviation pioneers.

Flying Pioneers - This site offers a wide range of pioneer aviation photographs.

Helicopter's History Site - The historical  evolution of rotary wing aircraft.

The Aviation History OnLine Museum Aircraft history, photos, specifications, etc.

Jesse Davidson Aviation History Archives - The Archives consists of thousands of historic and vintage photographs of
various aviation subjects.

CyberAir Airpark, US Aviation Museums - a listing of air museums around the U.S.

Wright State Library - Collection of articles on flight

Biplane Adventures - Take an armchair biplane ride with aviation-enthusiast Michael McCafferty as he tours America and Europe in his biplane built in 1994 according to the specifications of a 1935 Waco YMF-5.

NorthWest Antique Airplane Club - A fine site designed to encourage and hold the public's interest in old airplanes and aviation history and to foster safety and fun in flying.

Golden Age of Aviation eZine - Historical aviation short stories, airplane photos and airplane 3-view scale airplane drawings.

Avstop Magazine Online - One of leading providers of aviation news, history, general aviation information, stories of interest, legal research tools and much more.

Arrow Recovery Canada Inc., a non profit corporation which in June 1999 located the long lost Avro Arrow (CF-105, Jet Interceptor).  This site features a comprehensive theme-categorized link directory.  

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