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AirNow in Bennington, Vermont (DDH), will be hosting a fly-in on Saturday, September 13, 2003, in conjunction with the annual Hemmings-Bennington Car Show (9/12 - 9/14). 

Anyone interested in acquiring antique beacons, one with glass fresnel
lenses made by Corning Glassworks, fully operational, rebuilt with all
new genuine electrical parts and gaskets throughout contact Harold B. Mandel ka1xo@juno.com.

THE AUSTRALIAN AIR MAIL CATALOGUE, 2002 Edition.  Edited by Nelson Eustis.  Published by Hobby Investments Pty. Ltd., Adelaide, South
Australia, 2002.  410 pages, hard cover.  Available for US$57.00 plus
$4.00 surface postage, or UK£36.00 plus £2.60 surface postage, from
Aerophil, 12 Chemin des Tuilots, CH-1293 Bellevue (GE), Switzerland.
Email: aerophil@ch.inter.net. Fax +41 22 7742472

We have acquired a glass slide used to make the bookplate (a marking placed
inside a book to denote ownership) of Earle L. Ovington. The design includes
a plane and scientific instruments and is very attractive. As far as we
know, this is a one-of-a-kind item. Pictures and a price quote are available
upon request. Please address your questions to:
Milton Reder

Collectors of memorabilia from the U.S. Air Mail Service - first covers, pilot-insignia, photos and other items -- are invited to contact each other through this page.  Air Mail Pioneers will act as an intermediary and will not receive or allocate funds. E-mail Air Mail Pioneers

Assembling biographical information and photos of pilots and other employees of the U. S. Air Mail Service through 1927. VERY interested in acquiring or borrowing information about employees and photos with which to illustrate the biographical material. Dan MacMurray Dan3@MacMurrays.com

I  am seeking a way to find out how much a menu from the banquet for
Charles Lindbergh after his flight from New York to Paris is worth.  The date on the menu is June 14,1927 and held at the Hotel Commodore, New York.  I also have letters and stamps.  Most of them are Tin-Can mail and pre-WW1. I'm not sure what they are.  Jeffrey Prosser"  kng4ada@bellsouth.net

A copy of the original manuscript of Dean Smith's "Pilot's Progress" from which the book :"By the Seat of My Pants" was extrapolated.  Missing only 3 pages out of several hundred.  In three volumes.  Offered for sale: Alan Simon amsdds@hotmail.com

New book "A Place in the Sky," contains chapters concerning the All
American Airmail Pick-up, CAM 11 (Clifford BAll) and other items of
interest to airmail history collectors.  http://facweb.stvincent.edu/academics/english/faculty/wissolik/airport.htm
Editor's Note: This is a fine contribution to the annals of aviation history in Pennsylvania where so much of pioneer flying took place.

I have just listed for sale on eBay, a very early set of 14 original photographs with accompanying pamphlet, all presumably taken by one photographer named H. M. Benner from Hammondsport, NY, that depict some of the first experiments in aviation beginning in 1908.  You can view them by clicking on this link:

Airmail collector seeks flown covers signed by pilots, 1918-1930s.  Also related ephemera.  Contact wcmoyers@mediaone.net

I'm a retired Postmaster and a collector of postal artifacts/memorabilia. Am interested in acquiring a pair of the wings worn by the air mail pilots, away back when.  I believe they may have  been manufactured by the BASTAIN  BROS.  Am also interested in other postal related items. mrzip@bellsouth.net. I.Ifshin.

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