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E-mail your inquiry to Air Mail Pioneers, and if we can't answer your question, we will post it on our website. question mark animation

Reader request for information: My father Warren T. Fee, and his brothers Stanley Fee and Harry Fee, owned and operated many airports including one located behind Allenhurst New Jersey in the 1920 and 30s. I know for a fact that they flew the mail. There is a reference to my uncle Stanley in a New York T imes article as president of Air Tours Inc. of New York City and the East Coast Flying Services of Allenhurst New Jersey. The Allenhurst airport (more like a strip) was just off route 35 and Deal Road ( I remember driving past it plenty of times as a kid with my dad). Please respond to BB Fee: info@psycholfit.com

Rob McHugh has had this wing for many years and would like information on it. Please contact him at ram957@aol.com

Is there a modification, record or photograph of early airmail plane L.W.F. (type V) with Isotta Fraschini 250 h.p.  As: http://www.airmailpioneers.org/history/Sagahistory.htm Contact Air Mail Pioneers.

New Photos from Crissy Field ID needed -- Contact Air Mail Pioneers

Information needed on Dotty Dalton, early woman pilot. http://www.airmailpioneers.org/Pilots/dotty_dalton.htm. Contact Air Mail Pioneers

Please identify the photos courtesy of Daniel Lucas: RevWarMan1776@ aol.com

My grandfather, Donald Kemp Cobb, used to tell stories of flying mail from Southern California to Mexico City.  I recall that he talked about the problems of dust on the open-rocker arms of the engine. Can anyone give me a tip on where to find info on companies that flew these routes south and the type of airplane that he may have flown for such a route? Thank you. Lou Cobb  lmcj13@cox.net

Seeking complete selection of 'Aerial Age weekly.'  Contact: piccoju@comcast.net.

Checkerboard field information needed: Michael.Hannigan@faa.gov

Looking for information concerning Aline Hofheimer Rhonie.  An obituary from the 1962 Jan 7 edition of the Plainfield Courier News, Plainfield ,N.J. stated she was the first female to fly solo from New York City to Mexico City in 1934. Also stated she was one of the few women to hold a commercial air transport pilot's license. Served as a flight leader in the WAFS ferrying aircraft in the British Isles in WW 2.  Contact dgb1950@msn.com.

Any help in ID the man & woman would be interesting.  I received this picture from my late uncle who collected neat & rare things. The

Any help in ID the man & woman would be interesting.  I received this picture from my late uncle who collected neat & rare things. The numbers on the back vertical tail fin are 4304. US MAIL appears on the side of the plane.  Alan Alaga -- alaga@ispwest.com

I am seeking information on airmail from James Clements Airport in Bay City, MI, probably in the late 20's.  I would also like information on Bernard 'Bud' Hammond of Owosso, MI, who ran mail from the mainland of Michigan to Mackinac Island and Beaver Island.  Does anyone have anything to share on these?  William J. Ballard, D.D.S. LORI BRUBAKER

Wanted -- info on C.R. Parmalee, a noted airmail pilot of the 1920s from Oakland, California who died in a crash in the early 1930s.

Send info to wcmoyers@attbi.com

The Somerset Aero Club  of Somerset, PA, is celebrating "A 100 Years of Powered Flight" and the 50th anniversary of Joseph Martin Field with 61st Annual Fly-In breakfast on Father's Day weekend, June 14 and 15.

John Kittleson, owner of Puget Sound Seaplanes on American Lake, south of Tacoma, Washington, requests information about the first seaplane to carry international mail from this area.  Was it from American lake or from Seattle?  Please respond at kittelsonj@msn.com.

Need information concerning the aviation career of Harry P. Gordon.  Click here. Please respond to .Air Mail Pioneers.

Looking for identification of the two photos below; left is a group of men standing on the steps of the Post Office building in Washington, D.C.  The other are air mail pilots from an 8 X 10 original on heavy glossy photo paper.  Please respond to .Air Mail Pioneers. Double click to enlarge.  ID here

Does anyone recognize the phrase "MI*TONY"?  This is printed all over some fabric I have with antique airplanes on it.  I have searched foreign languages with no success.  This is sorta driving me nuts as I am covering my son's room in this stuff and we both want to know what it means!  Andrea Greenwald greenwald@sysmatrix.net

Can anyone shed any light on this historical poster?  It is on a waxy paper, with rivet holes to hold it onto a telephone pole.  Thank you very much.
Peter PBlank3729@aol.com


What color was the fabric of early army issue B-1 bear skin flight suits?  They may have been green or kaki.  Anyone know for sure?  Jeff Cupernell" jlcupernell@earthlink.net

WANTED -- Info on William Conkling, postmaster of Springfield, Illinois and supporter of Charles Lindbergh and CAM-2.  Also seeking Conkling's relatives still living.  Send info to wcmoyers@mediaone.net

This is Robertson Aircraft Corporation pilot Marden Munn. The photo was taken at Lambert Field, in 1931.  Any additional information about Marden Munn would be greatly appreciated.  Contact: Roy Nagl roynagl@netzero.net.

Seeking the history of telecommunication, radio telecommunication on 
early air flight. In 1927, Byrd did the test flight crossing the Atlantic ocean from US to France.  In this flight, G. Noville is one of crews as radio operator. I need any brief profile on G. Noville. When and where he is born, when dead, and so on. Anyone can help me? S.Miura VYJ01354@nifty.ne.jp



Requesting information concerning the first air mail flight of C.A.M. (Contract Air Mail) #32 from Spokane, Washington, including the name of the airline company and its route.  Respond: Air Mail Pioneers.


Seeking to identify information about flying career of this aviatrix.  What we know: name, Erna Bach, photo dated 1934, born on July 12th and married on February 17, 1934. Husband possibly named Hap. Send info to Roy Nagl: roynagl@netzero.net.


Seeking information about Dean Ivan Lamb, soldier of fortune and U.S. Air Mail Service pilot from 12-9-18 to 2-6-19.  Any surviving relatives? Married to Edna Adele Robertson and had a daughter Juliette. Respond: Peter Breen: Pbreen@ozemail.com.au.

Requesting information concerning pins and patches worn by U. S. Air Mail Service pilot Stanhope S. Boggs.  Click here for photo.  Respond: Convegas@aol.com.

I purchased a house about 1970 and lived there for ten years. When I moved I found in the attic a U.S. Air Mail coat and hat. The man that lived there was about 91 years old when I bought the house, so must have been born in 1870s to 1880s. I wonder how old the coat and hat are. The newspapers that were in the container were from 1940. I think his name was Allen Daily. Larry - LarryMyra@aol.com

Note: An Albert H. Daley worked for the U.S. Air Mail Service from 4-23-23 to 5-15-23. Can anyone identify the hat and button from his coat, their age and owner? (see photos of hat and button)

Information needed on the following two names:
My name is Peter Birren, and I stumbled across William B. Birren's name on your site for Air Mail Pioneers. Can you provide information about him? peterb@ameritech.net.
Would it be possible to send me some info on Clement Kuczek for genealogical research? Do you possess anything on his activities and what happened to him? Dr. John Kuczek - j.kuczek@ecabo.nl.
In my grandmother's scrapbook are photos of the sister ship to the Spirit of St. Louis. Can you tell me anything about this aircraft? Cecilia Reeves - creeves@ou.edu.
What is the conical looking device on the top of the fuselage about three feet behind Air Mail Service pilot Jack Knight? What are the three tube or rod-like things attached to the right side of the fuselage just below the engine's exhaust pipe? Thank you. (see photo of Jack Knight and aircraft) Bud budoco@aol.com.
I'm inquiring about a Great Uncle of mine who, I was told, flew air mail out of Sonoma County in the early to mid 1900s. His name was Russell Dusek. I have a very old photo of him with his airplane. It was said to me by my father that he was one of the first out of that area. He died as a result of slipping into the prop as his small daughter looked on. He was decapitated. Please help me know more about this man, if you can. Blondecali@aol.com.
I recently went to an estate sale, and in a box of stuff I bought there was an aluminum token that is 1 1/4 inches in diameter and has an old bi-plane on one side and on the other side it says AIR MAIL MAY 12  1926  ST. JOSEPH, MO. Can anyone tell me anything about it?  Double click for photo.
Thanks, Roger Ebling   ebling@ccp.com

Please help! I am trying to find as much information about the pioneer airmail pilot in Honduras. While I realize this site is dedicated to U.S. mail, I think some of your knowledge might help me. The pilot's name was Sumner B. Morgan (an American) and he flew the historic mail route from which the famous "Black Honduras" stamp comes. I understand that he later went on to become President Somosa's (of Nicaragua) personal pilot. Later if I recall, he ferried planes across the Atlantic during WW II. This man has been forgotten. I'm trying to get the Honduran Postal Service to issue a commemorative set in his honor. The more information I can get, the better a presentation I will make. Thank you. Carlos Rosa - CarlosR61@aol.com
Who was the first African-American female to be awarded a flying certificate? Where did she get it and what did she say about getting it? Thank you for your help. Ryan McNelis - firefox_@hotmail.com.
You probably get a lot of these requests, but I'm in search of Curtiss Jenny parts, OX5 or Hipsano- Suiza engines and/or a full aircraft which has probably been damaged or retired and is awaiting for a loving person to restore it to flying condition. If you could help pass this request to your members and I would be deeply appreciative. I'm presently building a replica 2/3 scale Jenny from the early bird plans. Thank you. Bill Hehmann - WHehmann@aol.com.
Merle Moltrup of Bearver Falls, PA flew the first airmail flight from Pittsburgh, PA to Cleveland, Ohio. Flight departed Bettis Field in Pittsburgh thence went to Cleveland. The aircraft was Miss Pittsburgh. Clifford Ball owned the Aircraft. It is now on display at Greater Pittsburgh International Airport. Moltrup was Chief Engineering Test Pilot for Douglas during World War Two. Not sure of the aircraft but I think it was a Pitcairn. Think it had a 90 HP engine. Dick Henry - turnandslip@aol.com.

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